Incredible Hulk Slots

With the Avengers movie now poised to be the biggest movie in history, there are plenty of people wanting a piece of the Marvel action. Online casino software developer Playtech is one of these, offering an exciting Avengers-themed game with The Incredible Hulk Slots.

High Quality Gaming Action

Using images from the incredibly popular comics and movies, The Incredible Hulk Slots game allows players to feel like they are a part of the excitement of the Avengers craze. The online casino games has 25 different paylines on its 5 reel game, giving players plenty of chances to walk away with serious cash. Players can bet anywhere from 1 pence for the chance at smaller winnings to 250 pence for the maximum win.

Hulk Smash

There are even special Hulk themed bonus rounds. For instance, the Smash Bonus allows players to vent the aggression that makes the Hulk so relatable. They can smash cars and helicopters and uncover even more bonus winnings. The bonus Online sportsbooks is only activated when the Hulk Smash icon appears on both the first and fifth reels, though, so players may have to play for a while to get a shot at the bonus round. Another great Hulk bonus is the Expanding Hulk feature. If the Hulk himself appears in either the second, third or fourth reels, he becomes a wild for a few rounds, giving the player even more chances to win.

With the high-quality graphics, on-theme features, and easy gameplay, The Incredible Hulk slots are a lot of fun for any fan of Marvel Comics or the popular Avengers movies.